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EVS in France

• Location: Tours, France
• Deadline: 24/03/2013
• Start: 02/09/2013
• End: 02/08/2014
• The main tasks will be divided into two missions: European citizenship and mobility: (about 70% of working time). Given the tasks of our structure and its involvement in the local platform for European mobility, the activity of the volunteer will be oriented toward the valorization and recognition of European citizenship and the promotion of youth mobility in Europe all its forms. He/she will join and lead projects with different target groups (youth leader trainers, volunteers for the association, local youngsters, and children in the leisure time centre, etc.). He/she will participate with other volunteers for collective actions (public events, special projects, seminars). We are a sending organization and the volunteer will work with the local youngsters to inform them about EVS and to prepare their departure. ******************************************************************************************************* Socio-cultural work: (about 30% of working time). A very important task will be to animate and create different activities for the volunteers, trainers and other interested persons of the association . We would like to propose thematic evenings and activities for the members of the other associations and work on filling our office and neighborhood daily life with interesting events. The volunteer will be able to lead activities with our various target groups, depending on his/her skills and desires. He/she may invest in one or several local youth work projects, e.g: awareness rising on sustainable development within our nature camps, or the activities in the public spaces as part of specific projects ("Débattons dans les rues," neighborhood diner, discussions, etc.). The volunteer will have time to work on his/her personal projects, after an adjustment phase and discovery of the structure. We will host only one volunteer in our structure for a mission of 35 h/week.
• Criteria
• The volunteer should be primarily motivated to work with youth audience. He/she must be attentive, curious and eager to transmit his/her knowledge, through the youth work or other leisure time activities. He/she should also be dynamic and a source of initiative for the organization of promotional events. The volunteer should have an open mind and not be afraid of contact (with both youngsters and professionals), he/she will be hosted in a local community, passing many professionals, activists, volunteers and youth. He/she must be aware by the values promoted by the association: the values of exchange, sharing, openness to the other, accompanying the individual in his way to become a citizen (being an actor of his environment) and equality. Preferably, the volunteer should have a basic knowledge in French. This project is open for young people with fewer opportunities.
• Project will cover:
Travel costs - 90%
Visa costs – 100%
Accommodations and food – 100%.
• If you are interested please send me your CV and motivation letters in Ltv.outgoing@gmail.com

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