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img-1635.jpg (523.87 Kb)I arrived in Lviv on the 1st of May with the only expectation to discover the Ukrainian country and culture. I decided to go for EVS as it offered me an opportunity to work on my own and improve my professional skills. My project is a little different from normal EVS project as my sending and hosting organizations settle the general frame and let me free choosing the modalities for realization. I am working with a young photographer on the Jewish life in Galicia during the 20th century, collecting testimonies and working on history and collective memory.
After three months living here, I am glad not to have had much detailed expectations. I mean, I think every of my wish has been realized or are in the way to be achieved. I have get experiences in some field I won't expect to, as for example organizing a summer school. Even if, I have been studying about Ukraine for few years, I have discover a lot since my arrival. I get used to speak basic Ukrainian and even learn to cook some Ukrainian dishes :-). I am really glad to do my EVS in Galicia, more precisely in Lviv as it is really beautiful place with welcoming people.
About my project, the fact to be free to organize it was a very good opportunity to appreciate my own skills and abilities as well as to get to know how hard it could be to work with foreigners, which had been a small cultural chock for me. Our topic is also not easy one for two main reasons. First of all, the key event in Jewish life in Galicia has been the extermination of the entire community (20 to 30%) - dealing with death is never easy. The second difficulties is the general concern of people for this topic, which is really not high considering the omnipresence of Jews before the second world war.
Those obstacles made me feeling that my project was not going fast enough or even won't be achievable. However, I think today that it was part of the learning process and to accept this situation allow me to improve my tolerance skill. I get to know more, that I am coming from a country with well known heritage and strong democracy and I should be glad for it.
My wishes for the second half of my project will be small. I would like to be able to finish my project in Ukraine and to achieve my goal of collecting testimonies, scientific material and photographies in order to prepare exhibitions in Ukraine and in France and a small book about Jews in Galicia. For my personal time, I would like to visit the eastern part of Ukraine in order to get a complete vision of this country.

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