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EVS in Bulgaria!

• Location: Yambol, Bulgaria
• Deadline: 26/04/2013
• Start: 01/09/2013
• End: 01/09/2014
We are looking for 2 volunteers. The voluntary activities will take place in Yambol, Bulgaria. The city is a center of a region and it has 74 000 inhabitants. It is situated 300 km away from the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia and 90 km away from the city of Bourgas and the Black Sea. The activities of the volunteers will take place in the Complex for social services for children and adults. The Complex is a structure with social function where social services of residential type and community social services are provided. The aim of these services is provision of support for children and families at risk as well as disadvantaged adults and elderly people. In the Complex there are 4 Centres: Accomodation Center of Family Type, Day Center for Children with Disabilities, Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration and Community Support Center. They perform their functions in connection as a large part of the initiatives of each center is performed and accomplished by all of the staff and consumers of all 4 services. This applies the most to the Centers, where the volunteers will implement their activities - the Accomodation Center of Family Type and the Community Support Center.
The Accomodation Center of Family Type is a residential type service where 12 children from the age of 10 up to 14 live. The main goal of this Center is educating and raising children in an environment close to the one in a family. All of these children are either orphans or abandonned by their parents or taken away from their families as a result of abuse of some kind. They go to school every day from Monday to Friday. During their leisure time they visit specailists, prepare homework, draw, play etc.
The Community Support Center is a community social service for children at risk: children from different institutions, children in a foster care or that are adopted, children with behaviour problems, children at risk of quitting school, children with disabilities (autism, Down syndrome, etc.) as well as their families. The services provided in the Center include part-time services (consultations) and group activities. Different kind of campaigns and initiatives are organized throughout the whole year. The Center actively works with volunteers from local schools.
The volunteer whose project will take place in the Accomodation Center of Family Type will support the educators as he/she will have the chance to put into effect his/her own ideas and iniciatives. His/Her role includes also planning and organising the leisure time of the kids – initiate different activities (educational games, sport activities, activies related to music, theater, etc. depending on the volunteer himself/herself) and helping the children with the school follow up and homework. Also, the volunteer is expected to actively involve in the everyday rhythm of life in the Center. Part of the activies that the volunteer will take place in also include: accompaniment of the children to different events, trips, to and from school, visit doctors and dentists, stores, book stores, libraries, parks, etc. as he/she will do all that together with educators and other staff members of the Center. The volunteer whose project will take place in the Community Social Center will support the work of the leading specialists in the group activities: applied arts atelier, atelier “Theater” for self expression and emotion management, group “Sport” for anger management, group work for minor mothers whose aim is to build social competences, group “My childhood” for children age 4-7; interest clubs etc. The volunteer will participate in the organisation of different campaigns, happenings etc. together with the team of specialists working in the Center. Other activities in which the volunteer will participate include: trips, organisation of parties for different occasions, celebration of international/european days and national celebrations, participation in the summer education program for children, etc. Both volunteers will participate in staff meetings as they will have the chance (according to their language knowledge) to share impressions, to give opinions, to give suggestions, for example – innovative working methods as the volunteers will have the chance to try these new methods and put them into practice. Besides the duties of both volunteers in each Center, large part of this EVS project is a common project who will be initiated by both of them. An example of such kind is organising a common event for the target group of both Centers, a holiday event, etc. Ideas of organising trainings for raising the qualification of the staff members will also be encouraged.
NGO IDEA is an organisation whose philosophy is based on tolerance and gender equality. Information such as gender, age, education, nationality, religion will not be taken into account when it comes to the choice of volunteers. We are open to all young people, but we specifically insist that the volunteers have a strong sence of responsibility. Given the specifics of the project, it is very important that they are motivated to work in teams and with children, to be creative and tolerent towards others. At least middle level of English language knowledge is required. Specific skills and interests of the volunteers like musical skills, art skills, interests in sports etc. would be an advantage.
Project will cover:
Travel costs - 90%
Visa costs – 100%
Accommodations and food – 100%.
If you are interested please send me your CV and motivation letters in Ltv.outgoing@gmail.com
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

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