EVS in Italy

Period: October 2013 October 2014
N vols: 4
Location: Rome, Office
Project language: English and Italian
Local language: Italian
Pocket money: 115 euro
Accommodation: Double room in a flat with other volunteers
Deadline for applications: 8th of April 2013
Short description of the project
The project is a Group EVS involving 4 volunteers and will be carried out in Rome, Italy.
The EVS activity will last 12 months, starting from October 2013.
The project will take place at the National Secretariat of SCI-Italy, Italian branch of an international volunteering movement, and at "La Città dellUtopia," a project of SCI-Italy in Rome, which can be defined as a social and cultural laboratory working for a new model of local and global development: balanced, sustainable and fair.
The project originates from a reflection on the social consequences of the current economic crisis, affecting - to various extent - all the European countries, Italy included. The crisis is seen as generating high rates of youth unemployment and increasingly common phenomena situations of social exclusion and even deviance. The project, acknowledging volunteering as a tool to generate human and social capital and a key factor for improving social cohesion, will actively involve the four EVS volunteers in the SCI-Italys activities (volunteering projects, raising awareness events) for the social inclusion of youth with fewer opportunities.
The project is meant as a learning process for the EVS volunteers which will be acknowledged in the Youthpass certificate and the methods of non-formal education will be applied to ensure the process
Volunteers will be involved in the following activities:
Two volunteers will be involved in the following activities, mainly at La Città dellUtopia:
a) supporting the coordination of the work of local and international volunteers (groups and individuals) in order to ensure the running of the planned schedule;
b) helping in the elaboration and the organization of public cultural events and workshops on active citizenship, especially regarding the communication, logistic and operational levels;
c) implementing the international dimension through the coordination of international exchanges, work camps, seminars;
d) informing youngsters about the opportunities offered by the YOUTH IN ACTION programme and other international exchanges;
In the proper dynamic of the project it is important that the voluntary manages to find the possibility to develop a personal activity following the lines of the project and of the organization. In order to enable the volunteers to implement their personal projects, a permanent support will be proposed in order the realize his ideas and project within the the Utopia City.
The volunteers should have a good attitude and will to work in touch with people.

Two volunteers will be involved in the following activities, mainly at SCI-office:
a) activating and managing international volunteers who want to join short term projects in Italy along with the SCI staff;
b) to promote international volunteering through information;
c) to support the trainings of youngsters organized by SCI Italy;
d) to organize awareness-raising events on the theme of international voluntarism as a way of education to tolerance and inter-culture.
Project will cover:
Travel costs - 90%
Visa costs 100%
Accommodations and food 100%.
If you are interested please send me your CV and motivation letters in Ltv.outgoing@gmail.com
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!
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