Fun, success, history

monstr1-1.jpg (195.62 Kb)Several years ago I decided to make a confident step forward and try myself in a long term project. After 7 months search of a program and long fights at the embassy I was lucky to get into Czech Republic. Before I thought it is a fairy-tale country and descendants of kings live there. Of course, it is partly true however I got to know it from the inside and from different angles. I found out that people living there have the same problems as we have. 9 months I was working in the organization, similar to our free time activity center, but, of course, on a higher level. I was teaching Russian, keyboard, I was helping at the English lessons for children and adults, Black Theater classes, several days a week I was working at the cafeteria, helping in the organization of different sportive and entertaining events, and the main thing I made my dream true Ive organized international youth-exchange for 8 countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, Russian Federation and Ukraine). At the free time I was attending diverse dance classes starting from break-dance till belly dance, ceramics, yoga, Pilates, exercise ball; I was traveling by bike all around; I was visiting theatres, castles, exhibitions; I was traveling around the country and behind the borders. Of course, Ive learnt Czech, since in my tiny town Holešov nobody spoke English and only a few adults could understand Russian. It is impossible to describe all the emotions in a few words. That is why I will share that I had very hard times, misunderstandings with the bosses, sadness, I even had moments when I wanted to give up and leave. However, new friends, new family, children with whom I was working and traveling didnt let me to come back. Due to this project I developed several new qualities diligence, patience, developed leadership skills and, of course, became mature, independent and self-confident and understood that there is nothing impossible!


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